Second-hand gifts: why not?

Attention, sensitive point! Not always easy to receive or to make, second-hand gifts can be an excellent solution to spoil your loved ones at a lower cost. A good point in this painful time for the wallet….


Many advantages for few disadvantages

At Christmas, new is king! However, a new trend is slowly emerging at the foot of the tree: second-hand gifts. I can already hear purists getting outraged: “How can you offer a gift that has already belonged to someone else?” Quite simply because it has many advantages!

  • It’s economical. With all the expenses planned for December, saving 30% minimum is not to please the cheapest people! An object quickly loses its value even before the first use, as soon as the original packaging is opened. By betting on the opportunity, we can therefore plan the purchase of a higher range model for the same price or finally be able to offer a gift that we thought was out of reach.
  • It’s green. Reuse means protecting the environment! By offering a new life to a second-hand product, we prevent it from ending up in the garbage where its recycling would have had a cost for the planet! In addition, second-hand products are generally purchased in a nearby geographical area, which limits travel or delivery costs and therefore the pollution generated.
  • There’s everything! From mobile phones to ski pairs, from household appliances to designer bags… just because you are on the second-hand market doesn’t mean that the choice is limited. There is something for every taste and every desire. But to find the rare pearl, it’s better to do it early. The search for a second-hand product takes a little more time but it’s really worth it!

Scam Stations

To make a good deal, it’s better to know how to do it. It would be a shame to buy a washing machine, at an unbeatable price, so that it would break down after 2 uses.

It is therefore better to take precautions:

  • Asking for proof of purchase: it’s a shame, but it would be a shame to fall into a trap and participate in a stolen goods hoarding, especially for household appliances.
  • Make a test drive before buying: if you have the opportunity to visit the seller, do not hesitate to take the item in hand and check its proper functioning.
  • Ask if the product is still under warranty: if it ever breaks down we will be very happy!
  • Compare the price of the new product and the product on sale: with the percentage of savings, you will immediately see the good deal achieved.
  • Negotiate the price: whoever tries nothing has nothing!

Where can I find second-hand gifts?

Exchange sites: everything can be sold and bought! And since we don’t always have the means to find what we want at the price of new, classified ad sites have flourished on the web. Internet users sell and resell items they no longer need, and so much the better for your wallet!

We no longer present the three heavyweights of the purchase-sale on the Internet: Used-forsale, a site totally free for individuals, Priceminister which charges a commission (a variable amount from 1 to 15% and a fixed rate depending on the selling price) and Ebay the auction site. Going for a ride doesn’t commit you to anything but it can save you some money, as long as you do it in time!

Bartering: you dream of a yogurt maker but, lacking a pot, you were offered a bread maker that is currently taking dust from the bottom of the cupboard. Why don’t you trade it in? One man’s old age is often another man’s treasure. Since this is a barter, the exchange will cost you absolutely nothing, except the shipping costs. Splitting up from one useless object can make it possible to recover another which, with a little luck, may turn into a dream gift for one of your loved ones. Sales depots: for those who are more reserved about online shopping, or those who prefer to see the real state of the product before buying, there is the solution of sales depots: finding the rare pearl is a matter of luck and it is better to go back regularly to see the new arrivals. To find the best addresses, simply look for sales depots in online telephone directories. In the neighbour’s attic: we do not suspect the treasures that lie in the cellars of our neighbours, our relatives or ours. If you are looking for a specific object, do not hesitate to ask the people around you.