Mission Statement

Mission Statement

For The
Verona Chamber Of Commerce

The Verona Chamber of Commerce should act as a body that puts forward, in public sessions and privately, the viewpoint and all lobbying efforts on behalf of the Verona Business Community.  In addition, the Verona Chamber of Commerce should act as an association to represent the interests of the Verona Business Community as those interests are defined by the majority vote of the membership.

One of the purposes of the Verona Chamber of Commerce should be launching and maintaining publicity campaigns throughout Verona and surrounding communities.  The Verona Chamber of Commerce acts as a booster for the Verona Business Community encouraging new and desirable businesses to move into Verona, and advertising, to all surrounding communities, the good business atmosphere and good businesses available in Verona.

Our responsibility is to fufill the needs and desires of the business community in Verona.  We have to inspire the Verona Business Community to work for themselves and to create a more viable Chamber.

If you are interested in joining the Chamber, e-mail us at membership@veronachamber.org.