Benefits of Membership

VERONA needs its own voice and presence in the business community at large.  By using the name “Verona Chamber of Commerce” it automatically creates a sense of cohesion and directness among Verona businesses.

VERONA  merchants/retailers and professionals need to focus on Verona and bringing business in here.  Therefore, a local/Verona based/run office creates a more immediate venue for voicing concerns/complaints and for working together to improve our business environment.

VERONA is in need of improvement in the business environment and there are immediate concerns for parking keeping shoppers coming here and creating a feeling of “excitement” and “specialness” about our very unique and small community.  There is no other way to do so.  We have many local vendors/businesses that are interested in a chamber by Verona, in Verona, etc.

The Verona Chamber of Commerce and it’s Mission Statement form a group of active business owners to get a feel for what every single business owner needs and wants to improve their businesses vitality in our town.  Our mission is to be responsible and responsive to their needs and to be a much needed voice in a positive, apolitical and beneficial way.  The goal is more businesses in Verona and more room for parking, as well as creating a spirit of collectiveness, unitedness, and strength among the diverse merchants throughout town.


Reasons to become a Chamber Member

Exposure for your business
We do Group ads/Marketing and members use and promote fellow members services!

Networking Opportunities
You can meet new people and expand your “circle/ sphere of influence.”  Where else can you tap into the Verona market in such a friendly, low key and no pressure?

Help out your town
The Verona Chamber is an active liason between shopkeepers and the local government.  Find out what is happening!

Get your business on the TV and the web.  By joining, you get one guest appearance and a chance to promote your business on the Chamber TV Show, Roundtable.

Ad In The Verona Townscape
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